How To Create A Mood Board


What is a mood board?

A mood board is an arrangement of images, materials, text and phrases that are coordinated on a board.  The board can be made of a simple canvas frame, a shadowbox with a burlap backing or poster board that will allow you to move items around, as desired.  If you want to find a board that is magnetic, then that can work as well.  It’s your space and your mood board, so have fun with it!  The idea is to allow yourself to be liberal in building your mood board with the intentions you want for your space.  Building a mood board will also give you a good feel of what your decorating aesthetic is.

What are the benefits of creating a mood board? 

The benefits of creating a mood board, in my opinion, can be summed up in five words: visualize, plan, manipulate, organize and fun. In decorating, a mood board allows you to select products for your space and to create a virtual display of what you envision, before you purchase anything.  

Visualize – Choose your theme(s) first and then think about what you want to proceed with next.  Remember to visualize before you actualize.  This will save you money!  

Plan – Next, plan out what you want your space to look like.  Simply put it on paper.  Jot down your thoughts and ideas.  Keep it simple.  If you can draw a little bit, then doodle some objects you would like to see in your space.  Knowing how much money you have available for your project is also very important.  This will provide you to purchase what you actually need and want. 

Manipulate – Now the fun begins!  Begin building your mood board with image cut outs from magazines, words you like, phrases that make you feel good about your project, colors, materials and anything else that you envision for your space.  Be liberal because you can alter anything on your board, at any time.  

Organize – Once you have settled on the look that you want for your space, then organize everything on your board in the way you envision it in actuality.  

Fun -   Have fun!  Enjoy yourself and enjoy the freedom to virtually decorate a space that will become a reality for you very soon.  Your mood board will be your template to begin your project.

How do I get started?

First, consider the theme(s) you would like to have for your space and then from there, build your mood board around that theme(s).  You can blend themes because this is you being your authentic self (two themes are safe to blend). Stay with that mindset.  Now begin to visualize what you want, begin to plan it out on your board, manipulate the look as desired along the way, organize your final thoughts and have fun from start to finish!

DIY, DecoratingRyan Foy