Finding Your Balance in Decorating


As an interior decorator, I learned that in order to achieve an overall balance of a room or space, you must consider these 3 elements:

  • symmetrical (uniform and harmony)

  • asymmetrical (uneven)

  • radial (center) aspects 

“Does pink go with everything?”  “I want my accent wall in red, but purple is my favorite color.”  These are true remarks and no matter how much we desire these thoughts, they don’t always balance out well in one room.  

An easy way to achieve balance in decorating is to have at least two accessories or furnishings of the same or similar color included in your room or space. When you decorate and you want to have multiple colors in your room or space (blending), then you should consider offsetting each color with other colors within that family of colors.  For example, if you choose to use dark blue, then use baby blue, aqua or teal.  All of these colors work well together because they are in the same family of colors.  The idea is to create a cohesive space where your color palette works well together.  

Aside from the colors creating a balance in your space, you also want to consider the wellness of your environment.  This is important and I always share with you that your home is your sanctuary.  It is where you live, love and sleep.  It is where your peace resides.  Wellness is a state of being in good health.  An unhealthy aura at home can cause a direct impact on how you feel emotionally and physically.  Did you know that?  When styling and decorating your home, think about yourself.  Don’t buy things just because they look good.  They should feel good.  Promoting wellness in your home will not only make you feel well but will be felt by everyone else that spends time in your home with you!

DecoratingRyan Foy