3 Ways To Begin Decorating Your Life: Say Hello To Happy!

Where do I begin? Can I be creative? Can I think creatively? These are some of the questions you ask yourself when you are stuck in a place that feels like you are going nowhere. We only have one life to live, so why not have fun, be happy and enjoy all that there is to offer in this lifetime. Decorative Blends wants you to love your home absolutely but more importantly, we want you to love yourself. You must love you first before anything else can have significance in your life. Choose to be happy and choose to be your authentic self no matter what the rest of the world is doing. 3 ways to decorate your life and say hello to happy!

  1. Drop the Watch - Stop conforming to schedules that are not necessary. If you work or are busy like I am, then all week long you have to conform to your work schedule. That’s already defined. However, when the weekend comes, enjoy yourself. Yes, make plans, hang out with family and friends or spend time alone. Just drop the watch! Leave the watch at home and conform to a schedule that you CREATE. Not one that has been created for you.

  2. Go Unplugged - Instead of sitting home on your laptop, go to Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or Panera and plug up. Go unplugged while plugging up somewhere else. No bothersome ringing of the home phone, no knocking at your door or ringing your bell. Just a nice change of space and pace to work on things that you CREATE for you. Your time and your schedule.

  3. Talk & Walk - Some of your best thinking is done when are focusing on nothing. Taking a walk allows that. You actually invite your brain to think on anything that you need or want to think about. When you take a walk, you talk to yourself because your brain has been emptied to begin absorbing, all over again. Maybe you want to practice that speaking engagement you have on your calendar or perhaps you want to reflect on some things that have happened lately and that moment, during you walk, you have the peace you need and so desired, to actually put things in their proper perspective. Include talk and walk in your

    everyday lifestyle.

Deborah Ramsey