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Our Brand: Home & Lifestyle (Product and Service)

Our Vision: Our vision is for you to live, love and sleep in a space that brings you total fulfillment.

Our Mission: To share an artful blend of decor with everyone who is desiring to live, love and sleep in creative and amazing spaces.

Hi!  I’m Deb, founder & owner of Decorative Blends. I’m a Certified Professional Interior Decorator and Certified Creativity Coach. As an Interior Decorator, I love to help people decorate spaces creatively and explore options to generate an authentic look. As a Creativity Coach, I help people discover their creative side. We all have a little bit of creativity in us and sometimes you just need someone to help you find it. That’s me! Decorating and creativity are similar in that they both challenge individuals to think out-the-box, try new things and explore further, their true passion for ‘that thing’ they really enjoy doing and never stop thinking about!

As a young girl, I can remember being fascinated with helping my Mom decorate. She was the best at improvising everything and making it look so amazing.  Many years ago, sewing at home was a big deal and my Mom not only made clothes for my siblings and I, but she also made her own draperies, valances, place mats and armrest covers for our home.  She was a homegrown decorator for sure.

As I grew older and watched Mom more and more, I began to learn from her.  Dad was creative too. He taught me how to restore to save money. I became so good at restoring old furniture and accessories, that I hardly ever bought anything new!  I spray painted everything, from trashcans to wicker tables. My parents knew how to bring new life to old things! My decorating skills stood out and it wasn’t long before my friends started complimenting me, asking me to help them decorate their homes and suggesting I had a gift for making things look better than they were before.

That always stayed with me and every now and then I would think about going to school to become an Interior Decorator. I really enjoyed decorating and crafting. Decorating never felt like work to me and I never minded helping anyone out with anything they needed done. The passion I had to become a decorator was always there. It followed me and I knew I was making the right decision when I decided to enroll in an Interior Decorating Program at Ashworth College. After 2 years of studying and hard work, I received my certification as a Professional Interior Decorator.

One day, an opportunity presented itself and I decided to retire from my day job. I was ready to begin the next chapter of my life! Aside from having my certification as an Interior Decorator, I also self taught myself to become a blogger. I spent months learning about blogging and writing blog posts that I launched on a blog site I created called LOFT101.net. Now that I was retired, I often thought about opening my own business but there was still one more thing that interest me. It was a buzz in the air about something called life coaching. I heard that life coaches help people realize their dreams and goals. I liked what I was hearing and decided I wanted to be one of them!

In 2015, I enrolled in the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).  I learned how to identify with my niche. I knew my passion was creativity because I like to make things and I like to make things look better! Remember, that’s what my friends said about me a long time ago before I knew that about myself. Two years later, I graduated as a Certified Professional Coach. I’m now a Certified Creativity Coach, consulting on home decorating and creating amazing spaces.

Today, I own Decorative Blends, a home and lifestyle business. I manage its entire content creation and my mission is to share an artful blend of decor with everyone who is desiring to live, love and sleep in creative and amazing spaces.  

When I’m not busy building my business, I enjoy shopping, decorating, making things, spending time with friends, spending time with family in New Jersey, vacaying in Tampa, Florida and sharing in good times with my hubby, daughter and precious grand-baby-boy Jalen.

Welcome to Decorative Blends!