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 Why Choose Decorative Blends?


  • First 30 Minute Meet-Up Call or Visit is Free

  • We will help you avoid spending money on costly mistakes

  • We will give you a solid plan of action

  • We will become your accountability partner

  • We will save you money on your overall project

  • We will help you increase the return on your largest investment

We realize that every household lives on some sort of budget.  Our mission is to support that budget by offering affordable and amazing decor consulting. We work within your financial window so you can win at whatever your wishes are for decorating your home.  If you win, we win.  It’s always affordable at Decorative Blends.

We aim to do it right the first time and if we don’t, we will. We strive for a look and feel that is seamless to you. Your decor won’t feel staged or showcased.  The feel will be real and comfortable, while breathtaking!  It’s important to us that you live comfortably in your home because that promises an environment that promotes wellness all the way around.


  • Home Decor Consulting

  • Home Staging Services

  • Decorate Your Life Wellness Workshops

  • Supper Dinner Club Decor

  • Creative Coaching Sessions

  • Motivational Speaker


  • Certified Interior Decorator

  • Team of Professional Business Women

  • Certified Professional Coach, CPC

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, ELI-MP

  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

    We are trustworthy. We are qualified, certified and have a trained eye to see something that is wrong. Our home decor consulting and home staging service help clients with making their space(s) look better. Our lifestyle workshops and creative coaching sessions provide clients with visualization tools to help with thinking more creatively. You will learn how to utilize these tools for personal growth in areas of creativity. Whether you choose individual or group coaching, you can trust that our coaching sessions are strictly confidential. Your space is safe with us. Creative coaching is no stranger to us and we will help you with thinking out-the-box so you can discover your true authenticity. Ask us about our Supper Dinner Club Decor and hiring us to speak at your next event.


  • We will help you decorate your home

  • We will help you think about creativity in a new and different way

  • We will help you develop your creative skills and work through walls that are holding you back from going to the next level

  • We will help you enhance your job skills if you are in a job role where creativity is a component

  • We can help you launch a creative business

  • We can help you turn your arts & crafts hobby into a creative business

First impressions mean a lot and you can make even more of a lasting impression when you are your authentic self.  Simplicity in decorating can be warm, inviting and authentic when you decorate the way you like to live.  Our motto is live, love & sleep and we mean just that!  You know what you like better than anyone else. Authenticity speaks to who you are, what you like and how you embrace what you love.  At the door, everyone will know the feel of your home and they will know what to expect before entering simply because they will know that it is the authentic you!